Bay Point West Annual Members’ Meeting

The Bay Point West Property Owners Organization, (BPW), successfully completed the annual members’ meeting on the evening of July 24th, 2017. As many of you recall, the BPW board attempted to have this meeting in June but could not establish a quorum. Therefore, the June meeting was adjourned and postponed until July 24th. Fortunately, we were able to establish a quorum for the July meeting. During the June meeting there was standing room only and the greatest amount of energy was focused on discussing the Community Association Managers, CAM, fee increase from $8,400 per year to $40,620 per year as imposed by BPCA.

The July 24th meeting was déjà vu all over again. Many of the property owners at the July meeting did not attend the June meeting, thus presenting the BPW Board members an opportunity to hear additional concerns and opinions. The members asked many questions which the board members answered to the best of their knowledge. Tracy Rudhall, the Vice President, did a masterful job of leading the discussions, providing background information and answering questions during both meetings; thank you Tracy. A great deal of concern was expressed about the 400% increase in fees at each meeting and there was a consensus that the new fees are unacceptably high and should not be agreed to. There was also a consensus that the BPW property owners do not want to split off from the BPCA office unless it is absolutely necessary. Near the end of the meeting the membership voted to send BPCA a letter containing a counteroffer. The letter will have been provided to the BPCA BOD prior to the publication of the August edition of the Newspaper.

In addition to the primary topic of CAM fee increases, Walt Rankin provided the treasurer’s report indicating that BPW is currently financially sound. Other reports included the Roads and Grounds committee leader, Mike Radcliff, who indicated basic yard maintenance remains a constant topic of discussion, and three homeowners expressed interest in volunteering their time to augment the Road and Grounds Committee. We also had
a report from our BPCA liaison, Ed Helms, who reported that the road between the 19th hole and the roundabout was having subsidence problems and would be the next road to be repaired and repaved. The meeting was adjourned at approximately 6:45 p.m. Subsequently, in accordance with the BPW bylaws, the board convened another very short meeting to elect officers for the 2017-2018 year. Walt Rankin was elected President and Dean Resch was elected Vice President. Jo Ann Day was elected Secretary/Treasurer. Congratulations to all the new officers!