Billfish Tournaments

Few events are so spectacular that no attempt at legend building is required to revive or keep alive the memory of the greatest annual event that Bay Point, the North Lagoon area including all of Panama City Beach has ever experienced. Onlookers and participants came to Bay Point from across the country because this event had a reputation for exceeding the wildest expectations of the avant-garde who are so often associated with these events   In the August 2005 Bay Point News the transformation of the Bay Point Marina as well as the homogenizing of humanity for this singular event  was described as follows; “It’s as if Bay Town and the marina are transformed for a few days each year into the Moulin Rouge of Florida’s Gulf Coast.” Magically the Butler’s Pantry, and a dozen temporary tents meant to distribute hot dogs, Sausage sandwiches, finger food and liquid refreshment would a few nights each year became cafes and bistros that seemed in harmony with the fine dining offered at 30 Degree Blue and in league with a centrally located Yacht Club that remained on display for all to see an homage of sorts to the right of the privileged to pay for and maintain an exclusive club. It was in fact an awesome display each year of lookers and hookers as boats would leave in the late night evening for the hunt to bring back the golden fish one that would be worth a million bucks in prize money!

It was a week to party and mingle without questions for those left behind as they waited for the same thing–the return of the boats with their catch. The dress code for all was ad-hoc, patrons came dressed in high heels, sneakers and flip flops; shorts, shirts, skirts, tank tops and tee shirts–it was a week where highbrow, lowbrow, crass, class, trash and cash would mingle and blend into a unique pot-pourri that would explode into a carnival atmosphere as the evening became night and the night became morning; and when the week would end everyone would look forward to next year because they all would be hooked on the “Bait of Anticipation.”